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     "Celadon" is the commonly accepted name for a kind of high fired stoneware with a wood ash glaze (usually crackled), which is hand made by a traditional process believed to have been first developed in China some 2,000 years ago. In Chiang Mai, the glaze is usually made of silt from a rice field and wood ash from a particular tree. The body of the pot is made of stoneware clay (Known as "din dam",literally black earth) from a local deposit. When fired in a reduction atmosphere (high CO2 , low O 2 content), the natural iron content of the glaze and of the body combine to produce the delicate shade of green which is associated with good celadons. Too much oxygen in the kiln gives different shades, varying from olive green through yellow to brown. The glaze can be varied by using other kinds of ash (e.g., rice stalk,beanstalk, or bamboo), and other clays.

     Mr. Suriyan and Mrs. Umaporn is one of our producer who produce celadon. They established their group after the completion of their deladon. Education in ceramic major since 1993 by using their saving money as a capital.

     In order to create a new channel to new markets they have been displaying their works at various exhibitions; Bangkok Sheraton in Bangkok, Northern Industrial Development centers in Chiangmai. As well as exchanging name card whenever there has a chance. They have never stopped developing new designs for market need, and this has shown their accomplishment in hard working.

     There are 8 members in a group; 5 females 3 males in the group which have 21-45 age as average, and mainly are Buddhist. Each member works 6 days/week and 8 hours/day. The payment would is daily wage but sometimes member would get special wage per piece up to the difficulty of each piece. There are health treatment, emergency loan, bonus are provided to the member which Mr.Suriyan thinks are the most important things for employment assistance.

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