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     This group is situated in the town of Fang district, some two hundred kilometers
North of Chiang Mai is one of many in the area where the craft of etched jewelry
Making. Mrs. Wilai( wife ) is the organizer of the group while Mr. Noon ( Husband ) is
The sample maker and very receptive to new ideas. There are workers from the village About 35 people, bout male and female of various ages. One of them can produce Approximately 60 pieces per day. The business started since 1986 in order to provide extra income for the young farmers in the locality and the opportunity to use their artistic skills. The profit is shared. Money paid according to ability. Farming is the main career of this Group and there isn't any progress to earn the supplementary money. Eventhough, the Financial situation of the villager is not too good, but they are self-sufficient. Most of villager Har a basic education, which is able to read and write.

Raw material
Brass sheet, silver liquid, lacquer, coloring material, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, lead,
Cyanide polish, bonc acid

Scissor, chisel, electric motor, hammer

Production Process Christmas Decoration
1. Drawing the pattern on the brass sheet.
2. Stamp as pattern and engrave it . And if the producer found a difficult destgn, he would
use a rubber pattern stamp and then engrave it.
3. Cut into pieces, some designs might need to drill a hole.
4. Sanding or beat out over the rough and sharp surfaces to make it smoother, and solder
the joint
5. Wash and polish it by using a waxing liquid
6. Glaze with silver liquid
7. Clean it up again by using the soapberry to soak and polish it by brass brush
8. Dry it out by dryer
9. Enamel with black color
10. Rub the color out by using dry towel
11. Pack into the plastic bag ( while packaging the product, product, producer needs to wear a gloves In order to prevent dull in color.