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Wood items Mrs. Warunee Duangsang

Details of members:
Up to the present, there are 17 members whom identified as 12 men including 5 women. The oldest worker is 45 years old. All of them are Buddhists. Their working hours are 6 days a week and they get paid as the daily wage 150 Baht including social welfare in case of their sickness.
Regarding work management, Mrs. Warunee has distributed the work depends on the skill of each worker. She then check the quality of work before packing and transporting to customers.

This group has established in the year 1992 by Mr. Jerdsak Duangsang with the assistance from the Northern Industrial Center and Y. Development Cooperation Co., Ltd. The initiated seed funds was the loan from the Agriculture and Cooperation Bank.
In the past, Mr. Jerdsak was worker who nailed the aluminium plate. He got the idea that it is possible to bring the aluminium plate to sick with woodwork for decoration. Then he applied that idea and presented his work in different trade fair organized by the Promotion Industrial Center. It had become very popular in previous 4-5 years up to last year. But at the moment, the price of this kind of product is getting down.

- Mango wood
- Oil color
- Knife
- Thinner
- Lacquer
Mrs. Warunee buys the materials from Phrao district, Chiang Mai Province, Lampang, Nakhon Sawan, Kamphaeng Phet. Furthermore, the natural materials that are available in local area such as jackfruit wood, wood-apple wood and cassia wood are used for production.

Machine/ Equipment
- Lathing machine
- Chopping machine
- Polishing machine
- Spraying machine
- Sandpaper
- Chisel
- A room for drying the wood
- Packaging paper
- Scot tape
- Packaging paper
- The equipments for decoration

- Design a pattern.
- Lathe a piece of work as design.
- Dry the woodwork completely in the room for drying.
- Polish it by using the machine.
- Polish then again by hand.
- Fix and color the object as the color we want.
- Paint the lacquer on the object.
- Carry out the piece of work and glue it.
- Painting
- Polish with sandpaper.
- smooth its surface.
- Color it as the color we want.
- Coat it with lacquer.

Product distribution:
- Sell in their local village
- Middlemen buy the products as their orders.
- Sell to regular customers in Chiang Mai province.
- Sell to regular customers in other provinces namely Bangkok, Phuket.
- Export to Canada, England.

- Lacking of the revolving fund.
- Marketing problem.
- Other producers lower the price of same products.
- Imitating the design.
- The competition of the cost of materials because some producers have given the higher price to the sources of material. Therefore, the cost of production has been increasing.

Environment of production area and the health condition of producers:
Workers wear the mask to filter the dust.

Women status:
Women have involved with the process of polishing by sandpaper, coloring and packing. Women have the equal right to get orders and receive skill training same as men.

Value of order:
• Export market via Y. Development Cooperation Co., Ltd. 50% and other customers about 40%.
• Local market 10%.

Asking for assistance:
• Marketing
• Revolving funds

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